Staffordshire – Worcestershire Canal


Bridgnorth Road, Stourton, DY7 5, Staffs, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Owned and overseen by the Kinver Freeliners Angling Club, the Staffordshire – Worcestershire Canal features 100 pegs of fishing excellence.

Situated between the Stewponey Bridge and the Hyde Lock just outside the village of Kinver, the Staffordshire – Worcestershire Canal has something for anglers of all skill levels and fishing preferences.

This spot is sometimes known as Stewponey and carries a quality amount of roach, gudgeon, and perch. The odd carp, tench, and chub have been known to pop up as well.

Day tickets for fishing the Canal can be purchased from the Club or a bailiff on the bank.

What tactics work well?

Location is everything at the Staffordshire – Worcestershire Canal, where all spots look like they were created equal at first. There are different swims for different possibilities, however, and that’s where this spot takes on special mystery.

The first few pegs beyond the Stewponey Bridge, for example, are ideal for gudgeon. They like to hide at the bottom of the inside shelf, just as the water turns from the main flow spot toward the far bank.

The pathways at the Staffordshire – Worcestershire Canal are wide enough to get properly positioned, so don’t be afraid to stretch out and maximize space. Boat traffic can be on the hard side in the summer months, but that pushes the roach under the far banks for cover. Use the traffic as an advantage.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities are slim at the Staffordshire – Worcestershire Canal, but there are lots of spaces to spend time along the way. Check maps for different areas and facilities.

Is parking available?

Parking is available in the road by the bridge, right opposite the Stewponey and Foley Arms in Stourbridge.

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