Stone End Farm


Stone End House Farm, Church Lane, Corse, Gloucester GL19 3BX, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Stone End Farm is an alluring and well-established location that has been operating as a fishery since the middle of the 1980s. It is home to some of the most productive stillwater angling in all of north Gloucestershire. The Farm, located six miles north of Gloucester, is loaded with historical significance.

According to historical archives, the territory that is now the village of Corse was once open common land, but it has since been enclosed with farms. The exception to this is the eight acres of pleasure grounds located at Stone End House.

The House Pond, Main Lake, and camping site of the fishery are all located within the eight acres of groomed grounds that surround the Grade II listed farmhouse. The home itself looks out over open mown lawns, and the pond and lake both front the farmhouse.

The House Pond

At one point in time, it was believed that the House Pond was a form of monastery carp pond in which fish were bred specifically for consumption.  The pond was renovated in 1985 and restocked with tench, bream, and roach in addition to common, mirror, and ghost carp. Crucian carp were also added.

 All of the fish from House Pond, including carp, were transferred to another location and used as the foundation for filling Main Lake several years ago.

The Front (Main) Lake

The Main or Front Lake was merely a little spring-fed pond when it was first discovered, but in 1998 it was expanded to just over an acre, and it is now home to some of the most fruitful fishing in the area. It is well stocked with common, mirror, and ghost carp into the double digits. The lake is over an acre, with two islands, 20 pegs, and plenty of carp.

What size do the fish go to?

The average weight of carp is 6 to 8lb but some can go up to 24lb.

What tactics work well?

Anglers should avoid using any kind of bread, the Method feeder, plastic imitation baits, or PVA bags in order to protect the species of fish and the overall quality of the fishing experience. The use of floating baits, nuts, and flesh from cats and dogs are the only other things that are strictly prohibited.

On the other hand, anglers who utilize in-line feeders are permitted to employ the usage of soft boilies and a constrained quantity of ground bait. Because the pools are on the smaller side, you are not permitted to bring buckets of ground bait with you.

What facilities are on site?

Farm house

Caravan site

Tackle shop

Rest rooms

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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