Whelford Pools Fisheries


Whelford Road, Fairford, GL7 4DT, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Noted as a “premier day ticket carp fishery,” the Whelford Pools Fishery features three lakes and plenty of fishing action for every angler.

The top lake is a three-acre spot with a total of 18 swims. This location is actually two main bodies of water connected by a channel, with depths between three and nine feet. There are plenty of gravel bars, back channels, silt channels, and margin fishing on this spot, along with three islands.

Willow Pool is a four-acre lake located in the gardens of two holiday homes. The fish here have been put into a long-term feeding program, which makes for some rather exceptional specimens. Depths here range from five to 16 feet, with a host of plateaus, humps, lily pads, reed beds, gravel bars, and other features.

Finally, Barley Pool is for exclusive-use only. This lake is one acre and features a lodge available for rent, just the thing for when the fishing gets a little bit on the tiring side. This spot has four swims and is designed for three anglers, making it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Depths are three to five feet.

What size do the fish go to?

The biggest known carp on the complex resides in the top lake. This big boy clocks in at 31 pounds. The top lake also boasts 250 carp ranging from seven to 31 pounds.

Mixed-size carp from six to 25 pounds lurk in Willow Pool.

Barley Pool gives rewards of about 75 carp with up to 28 pounds in weight.

What tactics work well?

There are a number of possible tactics for bringing in the big ones at Whelford Pools. The owners advise speaking with the good people at the tackle shop for lake-specific information and the straight goods on having a successful day of angling.

What facilities are on site?

Whelford Pools features an on-site tackle shop with all the tackle and clothing required for a great time on the water. Cold drinks and snacks are also available.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking at Whelford Pools.

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