The Carrs Angling Lakes


Letch Ln, Carlton, Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham TS21 1EB, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Carrs Angling Lakes are a collection of four stunning mature lakes stocked with mixed fish. Located on the outskirts of Carlton in Stockton-On-Tees, the surrounding countryside is breathtaking. Carrs Angling Lakes is not only Teesside’s Best Kept Secret Fishing Hotspot, but it also offers fantastic days of fishing for anglers of varying levels of experience. You will have too many options to choose from because there are 96 different firm individual pegs to try.

Lake One, a popular lake for recreational fishing, has high-quality mixed bags of fish species throughout the year. Carp, green, golden tench, roach, bream, skimmers, ide, rudd, barbel, chub, golden orfe, and lovely “buttery coloured” crucians are just some fish found in abundance in this water body. The lake has depths between four and five feet, three islands, the primary water outlet for the complex, an old lake bed, and many reed beds. On rare occasions, eels make an appearance.

One large island is located at each end of Lake Two, creating a large expanse of open water between them. There is also a newly formed, smaller island in the middle of the lake. You can also fish along the edges of some of the reed beds, which usually have a good population of fish throughout the year. A healthy population of bream, tench, ide, rudd, roach, crucian carp, perch, and hybrids reside here. In addition, the lake serves as the primary water source for the location and has depths that average five feet.

There are seven islands in Halcyon Lake, as well as numerous reed beds and deep water holes in various central locations. Plateaus of varying heights surround the main island in the center. Most pegs have a gradual slope that leads away from the platform and shallow swims on either side. A 3-foot deep, 2.5-foot wide ledge surrounds the Closer Islands, gradually decreasing to 5 feet and then rising to the angler.

The newest, smallest, and shallowest lake at the location is Silver Lake, and it is the first lake you will see as you approach the site. There are two islands with a few small ledges off certain pegs, and the average depth is between three and four feet. The lake is perfect for novice anglers because it is easy to navigate with various fish, including crucians, and tench.

What size do the fish go to?

Lake One- Carp to 26lb, tench (green and golden) to 4.5lb, roach to 1.5lb, bream & skimmers to 5lb, ide to 4lb, rudd to 1.5lb, barbel to 5.5lb, chub to 4lb, golden orfe to 3.5lb and lovely “buttery coloured” crucians to well over 2lb. The barbel, chub, and ide weights are increasing rapidly, so there is every chance you could catch a new record.

Lake Two- Carp have been officially recorded at 26lb in this lake, but rumours are rife of much bigger fish prowling the margins and large expanses of open water.

Halcyon lake is stocked mainly with carp to 16lb averaging about 3-4lb.

What tactics work well?

Because it has a large variety of swims, Lake One is ideal for all techniques of coarse fishing used on still waters. During the summer months, fishing dog biscuits or bread with a float around the margins is particularly effective. In Lake Two, Boilies are best fished with a popup.   The conditions at Halcyon Lake are perfect for fishing with virtually any technique. Use a wide range of lures to catch fish of different sizes and species in Silver Lake.

What facilities are on site?

On-site bait shop

Cold Drinks, Hot Drinks, and Snacks

Toilet on Site

Disabled access

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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