The Islands Carp Fishery


Cunnage Ln, Mere, Warminster BA12 6AA, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Islands Carp Fishery was carefully crafted in 2010 by expert excavator operator Paul Millard and designed by Tony Campbell, a veteran in fish farming and fishery management. Spanning over 4 acres, the lake was designed to offer anglers a unique fishing experience. In 2020, a second cabin lake was added to the property. The Islands Carp Fishery is equipped with many features above and below the water, with the goal of reducing angler conflict and enhancing the fishing experience. It has 12 swims in total, many of which can be used as doubles, and a myriad of islands and marginal lengths per swim to fish to.

What size do the fish go to?

The Islands Carp Fishery is home to several known carp that reach over 30lb, with the lake record standing at a staggering 36lb 1oz.

What tactics work well?

The lake is crafted with numerous features, offering anglers a variety of tactics to try. The lake has a deep hole in every swim, gravel spots, and clay and gravel plateaus. Don’t ignore the corners of the lake; they have proved very fruitful so far! Experimentation is key at The Islands Carp Fishery.

What facilities are on site?

The Islands Carp Fishery is equipped with a variety of amenities for a comfortable fishing experience. It offers 3 on-site flushing toilets with running drinking water, 2 of which have shower facilities. There are also two cabins on the property with running water, electric, lighting, and a fridge freezer. The site has been made as secure as possible with CCTV and alarm systems in place, as well as an electric fence to protect the fish from otters.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is a car park that can accommodate a large number of cars during busy times. The two cabins on the site have their own exclusive parking. The fishery allows you to drop off your kit at your swim and collect it when leaving, but cars must remain in the car park provided at all other times.

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