Top Lock Pools


Lancashire, UK

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Withnell Angling Club.

Top Lock Pools is a fishery consisting of two lakes that are primarily populated with mirror and common carp. These lakes provide anglers with the opportunity to target these carp species and enjoy a rewarding fishing experience. The fishery is known for its abundance of carp, with some individuals reaching a size of at least 12lb.

What size do the fish go to?

The carp at Top Lock Pools can reach a size of at least 12lb. Anglers can expect to encounter carp of varying sizes during their fishing sessions. The successful breeding of carp in the lakes has led to a high population of these beautiful fish. Anglers may have the chance to catch numerous carp weighing around the 12lb mark.

What tactics work well?

When fishing at Top Lock Pools, anglers have found success using corn or maggot as bait. These baits have proven effective in attracting and catching carp. Anglers can expect a productive day of fishing, with the potential to catch as many as 50 carp in a single day using these tactics. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different bait presentations and fishing techniques to find what works best on any given day.

What facilities are on site?

Anglers are advised to inquire directly with the fishery to obtain detailed information about available amenities such as parking, seating areas, toilets, or refreshment facilities. However, the fishery does mention that a key is required to access the lakes, which can be obtained from the membership secretary for a cost of £4.

Is parking available?

At Top Lock Pools, parking is available on-site. Upon entering the fishery, anglers can go through the first metal gate with their vehicle and park in the designated parking area. From there, a 150-yard walk through two more metal gates leads to the lakes. It is important to ensure that all gates are closed behind you, with the first entrance gate locked, to maintain security and proper access to the fishery.

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