Underbank Reservoir


Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 4GR

Fishery Information

Underbank Reservoir is in Stocksbridge, Sheffield. It is one of the many reservoirs around the Sheffield area, and there are plenty of fish to catch. This reservoir is best known for its pike fishing. Pike fishing is so good at Underbank Reservoir that it is controlled by a syndicate, and there is a long waiting list to be part of the syndicate. For any other type of fishing, though, there is no waiting list.

Underbank Reservoir is also popular with pole anglers as there are some fantastic bream and roach in the waters. Waggler anglers love it too. There are no massive carp in this reservoir, but big weights are possible once you find a shoal of roach or bream.

What size do the fish go to?

Pike to mid-20s are regularly caught at Underbank Reservoir, but there are sure to be bigger ones. The larger pike are always caught in the winter, of course, but the occasional pike can be had in early October too.

The average stamp of bream is about 4lbs, but 6lb bream are likely here too. There are also 1lb perch and roach, so 50lbs of fish in a session is realistic here.

What tactics work well?

Worm and corn tend to be the go to’s for the bream and roach. Maggots do well here too. For the pike, dead baits seem to be the best option.

What facilities are on site?

There are no facilities at Underbank Reservoir.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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