Wilden Reservoir


Colesden Road, Wilden, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK44 2QL, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located near Bedford in Beds, the Wilden Reservoir is the property of the St. Neots and District Fish Preservation and Angling Society. This spot has been a labour of love for this Society and is therefore a members-only water.

As of 2018, Wilden Reservoir was listed as the only still water from this organization. That said, it is a big spot with plenty of opportunities – especially for those up to a challenge. Word is that world champion Bob Nudd fished it a few years ago and came up empty.

In 2018, the Society stocked the waters with a thousand F1s, 500 smaller carp, and some barbels. The Environmental Agency followed up a year later with 600 pounds of rescue fish, so the stock is versatile.

Knowing what’s in the water and what to catch is a matter of pride for members of the Society, but it’s also a matter of somewhat elusive record. For an organization that states “yes, we exist” on their Facebook page, you can imagine finding details about Wilden is a bit on the difficult side.

Reports abound that good bags of bream and carp are available in the warm months, while roach of good numbers are also in the water.

Night fishing is not permitted at Wilden, due in large part to some anglers improperly closing the gate.

What size do the fish go to?

Reports suggest that two-pound roach can be fished at Wilden Reservoir.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities are thus far somewhat lean at Wilden Reservoir, as the Society has spent considerable time improving the waters and stocking capabilities.

Is parking available?

There is parking at Wilden near the dam end of the reservoir. Please ensure the gate is properly closed and locked.

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