Wirgol Lakes


Hadlow Down, Crowborough, East Sussex TN22 4ED, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

There are two lakes on this venue that is controlled and operated by Crowborough and District Angling Association. When the club first took ownership of these lakes, they were pretty much just holes in the ground. However, with improvements being made over the years, these lakes are now a great place to fish.

Although the lakes are mainly fished by carp anglers, there are plenty of other fish species in both lakes. Each lake is about half an acre in size, and they are between 3-6ft deep. This makes them a great fishing lake to learn how to fish, but also to target species in as well.

What size do the fish go to?

The carp on this site only go to about 13lbs at most. However, there are plenty of carp species to catch, including mirrors, commons, leathers and Crucians. There are perch, roach, rudd, bream and tench, all to nice weights as well. While the fish aren’t massive, there is a good chance of catching a lot in a single session.

What tactics work well?

As the lakes are quite small, the fish tend to stay in the reed beds, lily pads and under overhangs as these are the only places for protection. Float fishing next to the lily pads is a very option here. You can also use bottom baits near the pads as well. A PVA bag is a good option as it can allow you to cast a bit closer to the snags without getting caught up on them.

What facilities are on site?

There are no facilities on the site at the moment.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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