Badshot Lea Big Pond


15 Egret Gardens, Aldershot GU11 3FP, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Now receiving renown as a terrific catfish fishery, the Badshot Lea Big Pond is well worth a visit.

Overseen by the Farham Angling Society, the Big Pond is made from a mature gravel pit and measures 16 acres in size. Its deepest point is 10 feet.

There are 69 swims at Badshot Lea Big Pond, so anglers have plenty of creative options.

And thanks to the efforts of the Farham Angling Society, this spot has been revitalized and attended to. From improving the water quality to increasing the stock, the Society’s monitoring activities have definitely paid off.

Species in the Big Pond include roach, bream, common and mirror carp, perch, tench, grass carp, koi carp, and the Wels catfish.

What size do the fish go to?

The Wels catfish ranges up to 68 pounds, so be prepared for a go-around. Grass carp are likewise challenging at 34 pounds,

Roach tune up at two pounds, while bream are clocking in at 10 pounds. Common carp range up to 20 pounds, while mirror carp edge it out at 24 pounds. 11-pound tench also lurk these waters and three-pound perch like to hang out.

What tactics work well?

Single baits with groundbait sticks or pellet bags have worked well for sticking the carp in Badshot Lea Big Pond.

Bream and hybrids can give anglers a run on a traditional pole or feeder, but maggot and/or pellet as bait can turn up a winning conclusion.

Catfish are a challenge in the best of circumstances, but that’s the fun of it. Live bait just below surface is the perfect lure to these big ones. But seriously, set the clutch properly and hold on.

What facilities are on site?

Toilets and fresh water are available at the Big Pond.

Is parking available?

There is secure parking on location.

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