Stillwater Back Lake


Ash, GU12 5AB, Hants, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Stillwater Back Lake was originally designed as a match fishery. Today, this site at Ash Vale is a pretty substantial specimen lake. The original carp stock has flourished to some weighty proportions and the change in direction has greatly benefitted the site.

The Farnham Angling Society owns and oversees the Back Lake. They have redeveloped it as a carp fishery in order to complement the aptly-named Front Lake. As such, both spots are part of the Stillwater fishery.

Plenty of bream were recently removed from the Back Lake to help renew the focus on carp, although pike stocking has taken place to ramp up the action in the winter. As with the Front Lake, angers will find a good set of eels in this spot.

What size do the fish go to?

There are some 30-pound carp in the Back Lake. Six-pound eels are also common.

What tactics work well?

Word is that Back Lake is a challenge, even for skilled anglers.

Bottom tactics are recommended on the bars or gullies. Fishing the margins takes fortitude and more than a little peace and quiet, so be prepared to make a day of it.

Bream still stretch this lake and can make for a gratifying hook, even as their numbers have been reduced. A good battle awaits on the waggler.

Pike turn up well if anglers stock live bait or use anchored dead weights.

Anglers can fish all banks of the Back Lake. Fish only from designated swims.

Catfish must be put in the retention nets for removal, in accordance with Farnham Angling Society bylaws.

What facilities are on site?

There are flushing toilets at the Back Lake.

Is parking available?

This location has secure parking.

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