Bowyers Lake


Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, EN8 7, Herts, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

As one of the most popular big fish waters in Lee Valley, the Bowyers Water is a 35-acre mature gravel pit with a difference.

These waters are on the tricky side, but the neat banks and quality dose of carp make the incentives apparent from the outset. With features in the water that include islands, gravel bars, plateaus, and lily pad beds, there’s plenty of beauty and bounty for all.

This is a limited permit fishery, with space for 50 anglers on day, night, and season tickets only. There is currently a waiting list for Bowyers Water.

What size do the fish go to?

Several carp in Bowyers Water are over 40 pounds, while there’s also a good batch of fish over 30 pounds. The stock of carp from 2006, all homegrown, are tipping the scales all the way up to 34 pounds.

Tench and pike of good sizes are also found hanging around here.

What tactics work well?

The underwater features are favourite spots for fish to spend time, so the best anglers start there. The islands turn up good showings, while the deep spots and clear areas near the weeds are also popular.

Most modern carp rigs and baits do the trick on Bowyers Water, while a scattering of boilies over the weeds can turn up some good action.

Bear in mind there is a three-rod limit per angler.

Is parking available?

There is a parking lot at Bowyers Water, but be aware that it is on the small side. A purchasable security key is available with the permit.

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