Brafferton Carp Fishery


Boroughbridge Road, Brafferton, North Yorkshire YO61 2QB, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Brafferton Carp Fishery is home to some of the finest carp fishing in North Yorkshire. It is a wonderful day ticket venue with loads of surprises to catch. There are four lakes on the complex that are all nicely managed and have a clear emphasis on specimen carp. The match lake is home to some stunning carp with loads of f1s to catch too.

There is also the Ghost Lake, with one of the largest heads of ghost carp in the country. Island Lake is where the biggest carp hang out, though. Brafferton Carp Fishery holds various matches throughout the year, and the weights possible with the right tactics are unbelievable.

What size do the fish go to?

The largest carp at Brafferton Carp Fishery are about 27lbs. There are plenty of 20s to catch, though. The match lake holds some lovely double-figure carp and plenty of f1s and carp under 10lbs too. There are also bream, tench, perch and rudd to good sizes in all lakes as well. Weights to nearly 150lbs on match days are possible here.

What tactics work well?

Pellets! Pellets will be your best friend at Brafferton Carp Fishery. Corn and maggots on the hook work well too. However, many match anglers stick to using the method feeder full of small pellets with a pellet on the hook too. Make sure you bait a margin swim during the day, so when the action dies down in the middle, you can still catch.

What facilities are on site?

No facilities that we know of.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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