Brantry Lough


Dungannon, UK

Fishery Information:

Brantry Lough, located near Benburb, provides high-class brown trout fishing with takeable trout stocked throughout the season. The lough has a good fall of insects, which attracts the trout. Fly fishing is the only allowed method, both from boats and the shore.

What size do the fish go to?

The minimum takeable size for trout at Brantry Lough is 25.4cm.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing is the only permitted method at Brantry Lough. Anglers should pay attention to the insects on the water and choose flies that match the hatch.

What facilities are on site?

There are two wheelchair-accessible fishing stands near the main car park, which has a level tarmac surface. The rest of the lough has a good hard path with gates for anglers who have difficulty walking. Fishing is allowed from non-mechanical boats only.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is a main car park near the wheelchair-accessible fishing stands.

Additional Information:

Both a DAERA game rod licence and a DAERA game angling permit are required to fish at Brantry Lough. Anglers should be cautious when wading in the marshy bay area at the south-east corner, near the car park. Angling stands are provided to assist with fishing.

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