Lough Keenaghan


BELLEEK 3EH,, Boa Island Rd, Enniskillen, United Kingdom

Fishery Information:

Lough Keenaghan, located near Belleek, is known for its excellent brown trout angling. The north and south shores of the lake are mostly hard-bottomed and easy to wade, but aquatic weeds impede fishing from the western shore. Where shore angling is difficult, natural stone stands are available. The lake is regularly stocked with takeable brown trout and is considered a highly productive shallow lough. The popular flies include Olives, Midges, Buzzers, and Caddis.

What size do the fish go to?

The minimum takeable size for trout at Lough Keenaghan is 25.4cm.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing is the only permitted method at Lough Keenaghan. Flies that have proven successful include Olives, Midges, Buzzers, and Caddis.

What facilities are on site?

A tarmac-surfaced car park and road provide limited disabled access at some points along one shore. There is an additional car park on the north side with a hard-surfaced access road. Fishing is allowed from non-mechanical boats.

Is parking available?

Yes, there are two car parks: a tarmac-surfaced car park along one shore and another on the north side of the lake.

Additional Information:

Both a DAERA game rod licence and a DAERA game angling permit are required to fish at Lough Keenaghan. Please note that Zebra mussels, an invasive species, have been found in the lake. They can block intake pipes and threaten the lake’s natural functioning system. All water users

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