Burrswood, Groombridge – Top Lake


Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Dorset Arms Angling Club.

Top Lake, the smaller of the two lakes in the Burrswood Estate, offers a tranquil setting with pleasant views. The lake is known for its abundant features and is home to a variety of fish species.

What size do the fish go to?

Top Lake is populated by Carp and Tench, which can reach varying sizes. The specific size range of these fish is not provided in the given information. Additionally, the lake is also home to Skimmers, Rudd, Perch, and Roach, but their sizes are not mentioned.

What tactics work well?

The tactics that work well at Top Lake are not specified in the provided information. Anglers may find success using a range of fishing methods, such as float fishing, feeder fishing, or pole fishing, depending on the preferences and conditions at the lake.

What facilities are on site?

Contact the fishery for further information.

Is parking available?

Contact the fishery for further information.

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