Castanet Fishery


Lancaster Rd, Out Rawcliffe, Preston PR3 6BN, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located at Wilson House, Castanet Fishery is an independently run, well-stocked Coarse fishing venue. It offers a variety of species to anglers, with Carp known to reach over 10lbs. With its placement within a campsite area, Castanet Fishery offers additional amenities including a café and top-quality toilet facilities. Bookings are available any day of the week.

What Size Do The Fish Go To?

The fish at Castanet Fishery can reach impressive sizes, with Carp often weighing in over 10lbs. This provides a challenging and rewarding experience for visiting anglers.

What Tactics Work Well?

Effective fishing at Castanet Fishery involves adhering to the specified rules. Barbless hooks are mandatory, and groundbait must be used in moderation. The use of bloodworm, boilies, nuts or floating baits is prohibited. A successful day of fishing at Castanet Fishery therefore requires careful bait selection, moderation, and consideration for the welfare of the fish.

What Facilities are On-Site?

As part of a campsite, Castanet Fishery offers a variety of on-site facilities for a comfortable fishing experience. A café is available for refreshments and meals, and clean, well-maintained toilet facilities ensure your comfort throughout your visit.

Is Parking Available?

While specific information on parking at Castanet Fishery is not detailed, it is typically standard for fishing venues to provide on-site parking. As it is part of a larger campsite, it is highly likely that adequate parking is available. However, it is always recommended to confirm parking arrangements when making your booking.

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