Rosslynlee Fishery


Newbigginghill, By Penicuik EH26 8QF, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Rosslynlee Fishery, located near Penicuik, is a 5.25-acre loch that offers views towards Edinburgh, Fife, and the Moorfoot Hills. The fishery is run by Robert and Joan Pitcairn who pride themselves on maintaining a good reputation for being a “top of the water” fishery. The loch is regularly stocked with quality rainbow, blue, and brown trout, ranging from two pounds to double figures.

What Size Do The Fish Go To?

The fish at Rosslynlee Fishery can reach impressive sizes, with rainbow and blue trout often reaching double figures. Brown trout also have a strong presence in the fishery.

What Tactics Work Well?

The fishery enforces a strict fly-only catching method. To protect the fish, anglers are advised not to net or handle the fish, and unhooking should be done in the water using a release tool or forceps. Anglers are required to use a minimum of 6lbs nylon, flatten hook barbs and use a maximum of two flies.

What Facilities are On-Site?

Rosslynlee Fishery provides a shop on-site that offers basic fishing supplies like leader material and hooks, along with snacks, tea, coffee, and cold drinks. A microwave is also available for heating food. Additionally, a bothy with toilets and disabled access provides a warm seating area equipped with a wood-burning stove. Here, anglers are welcome to eat their own food and engage in friendly conversation.

Is Parking Available?

Yes, Rosslynlee Fishery provides a car park that can accommodate about 20 cars. Due to the potential for high demand, especially on weekends and holidays, booking in advance is advisable.

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