Derwent Reservoir


Derwent Reservoir, County Durham, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located just off the A68, Derwent Reservoir is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. This Derwent Reservoir fishing spot is four miles west of Castleside and nine miles from the A69, offering ample space for anglers. With the dam wall available for coarse fishing at Derwent Reservoir, this fishery provides plenty of options for finding the perfect spot.

What size do the fish go to?

The Derwent Reservoir fishing experience boasts an abundance of fish, averaging around 3lb. Some specimens even reach into double figures, adding to the excitement and challenge of Derwent fishing. The reservoir is also known for tagged fish with cash prizes, creating a thrilling opportunity for those fishing Derwent Reservoir.

What tactics work well?

Derwent fishing allows for a range of successful tactics. All methods of fishing are allowed at Derwent Reservoir, and both loose feeding and ground baiting are permitted. This flexibility enhances the overall fishing Derwent Reservoir experience, accommodating a variety of fishing styles and strategies.

What facilities are on site?

The Derwent Reservoir fishery comes equipped with an on-site shop that offers everything an angler needs for a day’s fishing. From rods, reels, and tackle, to clothing, worms, and baits, this shop covers all fishing essentials. Furthermore, there is a Derwent Reservoir cafe, a self-serving establishment offering quality tea, coffee, pies, sausage rolls, and snacks. In addition to these facilities, the site also provides toilets and has designated parking for guests with disabilities. A special platform for disabled guests is located on the south side of the dam.

Is parking available?

Yes, on-site parking is readily available for all guests engaging in Derwent Reservoir fishing. In addition, designated parking is provided for guests with disabilities, ensuring that fishing at Derwent Reservoir is accessible for everyone.

Note: For detailed information on Derwent Reservoir fishing prices, please visit the official website or contact the site directly.

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