Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery


Old Burdon Farm, B1404, Seaham SR7 0NP, United Kingdom

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery Information

Sharpley Springs is a fly fishery complex with five lakes to choose from. There is also a lake for children on site and a tuition lake for beginners too. Sharpley Springs is one of the best fly fishing venues in the UK for beginners and professionals. For the professionals, you may well be catching 20lb plus blues, browns and rainbows throughout your sessions. For the beginners, you can learn the ins and outs of fly fishing and then make your way to the bigger lakes and start catching some monsters too. If you’ve ever wanted to try fly fishing, Sharpley Springs is an excellent choice. They have killing tickets and catch and release tickets available throughout the year.

What size do the fish go to?

The current fishery record at Sharpley Springs is 23.6lbs. It is a very well-stocked venue with brown, blue and rainbow trout up to 20lbs. Each lake has different averages, though. You can ask the staff at the fishery for more information.

What tactics work well?

Sharpley Springs has a page on their website dedicated to the recommended flies of anglers that fish there regularly. This is invaluable information if you’re going to this fishery. But make sure you ask the owners and staff when you arrive too. They may have some insider knowledge of which flies are working particularly well that week!

What facilities are on site?

Fly fishing tuition
Disabled access
Free tea and coffee
Tackle shop

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available near the site office.

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