Waskerley Reservoir, Consett


Consett, DH8 9DX, Durham, United Kingdom

Waskerley Reservoir Information

Waskerley Reservoir is a lake located in heather moorlands in the Derwent Valley. It spans over 350 hectares, is 20ft deep, and is filled with coloured water. You must follow some rules to visit and fish at this place. These rules include:

  • Fishing must stop when the limit is reached.
  • Fly & worm only.

What size do fish go to?

Waskerley Reservoir is stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout.  Fishery records at Waskerley Reservoir are recorded at 7lb Rainbow, 6lb Brown.

What tactics would work?

Pike Fishing with Dead Bait is the best strategy for fishing in Wackerly Reservoir. Waskerley is mentioned as one of the top pike fishing with dead bait spots in London. Hence, it is important for to learn this strategy.

What facilities are available onsite?

Despite being a good spot for fishing, people often refrain from visiting because of the lack of other facilities because it is a considerably remote area with less population. That’s why other than fishing, it is also popular for stargazing. Therefore, you might need to have some essentials on your own if you plan to go fishing at Wackerly Reservoir.

Is Parking available?

There is specific Parking available for those who visit Waskerely Reservoir for fishing. It is an easy walk from the parking area at Hawkburn Head down a paved road to the reservoir.  Walking down the path is also very convenient with routes with well-defined tracks, including part of the long-distance Waskerley Way path.


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