Knitsley Mill Trout Fishery, Nr. Consett


The Old Mill, Consett, DH8 9EL, Durham, United Kingdom

Knitsley Mill Trout Fishery Information

Knitsley Mill offers first-class fishing with three fly-fishing lakes covering 6 acres of deep water, set in spectacular surroundings of the Durham Countryside. It has three lakes, 7 acres each, and is full of incredible fishes such as Rainbow trout, blue trout, and some wild Brown Trout who are fed sufficiently every day. The water of the lakes is clean and clear and is approximately 10ft deep.

What size do fish go to?

Rainbow trout ranges from 1.5lbs to over 10lbs. The fishery record for the Knisley Mill trout fishery is 25lb.

What tactics would work?

Fly fishing can earn you some big ones. Most anglers use this tactic and mention it as a successful one. Experts also recommend fishing in Knitsley Mill Trout Fishery because you’re bound to have an incredible experience, so if you visit there, remember to have fun!

What facilitates are available on site?

Onsite facilities that you can enjoy on your visit to Knitsley Mill trout fishery include the best-serving restaurants that will surely increase your level of fun with their delicious food. You can also avail of the toilet or changing room facility during your stay there. They offer sporting tickets, special care for disabled people, and even separate Parking for special people.

Is Parking available?

One of the best advantages of visiting Knitsley Mill trout angler is that you get an ample parking area, so you don’t have to worry about paring your car and can easily enjoy your time fishing and have fun with your family and friends.

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