North House Lake


North House Lake, Wyboston, Beds, United Kingdom

North House Lake Information

Spanning over 4 acres, with beautiful scenery and fish up to 35lb to go at, North House Lake hits the right notes for every angler. If any angler does not want to return empty-handed from fishing, North House Lake is definitely the place to visit. You are sure to catch good fishes there as it is widely known as one of the best-stocked lakes.

What tactics would work?

According to a review of the anglers who visited, catching a fish here is relatively easy. You can catch them by simply putting the bait in without too much struggle. So, you don’t need to worry; target only one at a time. This tactic would surely earn your trophy fish. So fish smartly and bag a big one for yourself.

What facilities are available on site?

This fishery is not very developed and does not provide too many facilities other than a nice porter loo. Despite this, fishers visit the place now and then all year. They are sure to get their hands on a big fish. So despite the lack of onsite facilities, this place is worth visiting for the anglers. We guarantee that they would return happy from their fish-catching spree.

Is Parking available?

Yes, Parking is available at North House Lake, and there are stringent rules regarding Parking to be done only in designated areas. Road blocking can get you in trouble, so when you visit there, park responsibly and enjoy your time at this beautiful place.

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