Beamish Lakes, Stanley, Durham


Beamishburn Road, Stanley, DH9 0LS, Durham, United Kingdom

Beamish Lakes Information

Beamish lakes are stocked with Rainbow, Brown, and triploid fish every week with varying weights.

What size do fish go to?

The fishes in Beamish Lake typically weigh:

  • Fishery records: 15lb 12oz
  • Rainbow, 6lb
  • Brown: 12lb
  • Fly lake: 12lb
  • Worm pond: 2lb

What tactics work well?

You can use different tactics to have an excellent fish-catching day at Beamish Lakes.  Experts recommend using Hare’s Ear, Dawson’s Olives, Buzzers, Zonkers, Sedges, Damsels, and Hoppers. Also, the recommended natural flies include Corixa, Damsel, Sedges, Hawthorn, and Daddies.

What facilities are onsite?

Beamish Lakes includes three crystal clear, rain-fed lakes ranging from half an acre to 2 acres with several facilities for people visiting. These lakes are open all year for people to visit and enjoy themselves. It offers both fly and worm fishing in the trout lakes. Beamish Lakes authorities provide day and evening tickets as well as catch and release keys. They also offer a guide to help individuals enjoy themselves properly after getting to know about the place. You also don’t need to worry about changing rooms as they are included in the onsite facility. Other major onsite facilities include the availability of refreshment shops, a special care facility for disabled people, and services of a trout master.

Is Parking available?

No, one of the drawbacks of this fantastic place to visit is that it does not have any specific parking of its own.


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