Frimley Pits Fishery


Ship Lane and The Hatches, Frimley, GU16 6HG, Surrey, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

In the Surrey town of Frimley lies the aptly-named Frimley Pits Fishery. This location features four “pits” of specimen fishing, with a season ticket reportedly required for participation.

The first pit is the most northerly one on the complex. It’s a tree-lined gravel pit with more than a few islands, creating the perfect environment for taking on the specimen carp lurking within.

Frimley Pit Two is the westernmost lake of the two pits in the middle. This is the smallest of the four and is filled with specimen carp.

The third pit at Frimley is the second largest. Access is through a public footpath that runs from Farnborough Green to Frimley Green. This lake has a big island in the southwest corner and another small island in the middle of a gravel bar on the south side. There are numerous features, like bays, and the catch of the day is specimen carp.

The fourth pit is due south. This is a very large spot, with an island in the northern half. It also features specimen carp.

What size do the fish go to?

Specimen carp is the name of the game at Frimley Pits. Fish of over 40 pounds have been yanked out of the fourth pit, while a 46-pounder has been brought to bear in the third pit.

Fish in the first pit have hit the 27-pound mark.

What tactics work well?

Don’t be afraid of stalking the features at Frimley Pits. There are ample opportunities for catching the big one if anglers get creative and know where to look. Fishing success at this spot is all about opportunity.

Is parking available?

Be aware that there is no parking on location at Frimley Pits. Anglers can find vehicle access off the road at the northern end of the site.

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