Foxcotte Lake


c/o Challis Tackle, Andover, SP10, Hants, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Run by the Andover Angling Club, Foxcotte Lake is an appealing spot that operates on a booking system for members. There is an assortment of exchange tickets for Club associates, all of which must be kept no longer than 48 hours to lessen unwarranted waiting.

This inventive approach to booking is just one part of what makes Foxcotte Lake special.

The two and a half acre lake features 45 pegs, many of which are set up on wooden platforms.

Foxcotte is celebrated as an accessible facility, making it perfect for disabled anglers. Fishing is done from single or double platform areas. There is no access for large group platforms. Some swims are specifically designed to address the needs of anglers with unique needs.

Foxcotte contains carp, pike, tench, break, crucians, perch, roach, and some eels.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish in Foxcotte Lake come in some pretty impressive sizes.

Carp ranges up to 27 pounds, while pike are in the 25-pound ballpark. The crucians are also reportedly quite large, so keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to test the limits of the water.

What facilities are on site?

Access to Foxcotte Lake is open, with toilets for males and females along with unisex disabled toilets.

The pathways are tarmac, with a gentle gradient and no barriers or pathway gates to contend with. There are also no footbridges, so getting around is straightforward.

There are no showers or changing rooms on location.

Boats are not available at Foxcotte.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking at Foxcotte Lake, including plenty of disabled spaces.

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