Furzebray Carp Lakes


Georgenympton Road, South Molton, North Devon, EX36 4ER

Fishery Information

Furzebray Carp Lakes features three Exclusive Premier lakes.  Carp anglers will find that this location, set in the middle of the peaceful Devon countryside and surrounded by woodlands as well as green fields and gardens, is home to some of the best carp fishing and holiday accommodations in the South West of England. These lakes and gardens are home to some of the best strains of carp in all of England, including Horseshoe and Orchid Lake cross and English Leaney cross, all of which were handpicked by Tony Kingdon.

The lakes offer a wealth of features, such as islands and overhanging trees, bars, and marginal features, which make it a comprehensive fishing experience as well as a safe haven for carp and other forms of wildlife. The lakes are Island Lake, created in 2006, Willow Lake, created in 2012, and a third lake Copse created in 2015. Tony Kingdon was responsible for the construction and design of the Lakes.

What size do the fish go to?

There are over 100 carp thriving in Island Lake, the majority of which are more than 20 pounds; there are more than 30 carp that weigh more than 30 pounds, and there are 7 carp that weigh more than 40 pounds; the lake record for carp weight is 47 pounds, 4 ounces. Willow lake has roughly 150 fish that can weigh up to 36 pounds or more, while Copse lake has approximately 50 carp that can weigh up to 35 pounds or more.

What tactics work well?

Sticky Bait boilies and Furzebray boilies. The Furzebray carp love coming into the edge, so don’t neglect the margins.

What facilities are on site?

Toilets, shower and self-catering accommodation.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available

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