Horcott Lakes


Totterdown Ln, Fairford GL7 4BX, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Found in the core of Cotswolds in the town of Fairford, Horcott Lakes is a complex featuring three lakes.

The main lake is 22 acres stocked with just over one thousand carp. Typical of most Cotswolds area gravel pits, this spot is five-to-six feet deep with lots of gullies, bars, and weed beds. The water is as clear as a certain liquid refreshment that goes really well with tonic.

Next up is the 10-acre syndicate lake. This is good for 10 anglers, but the waiting list is closed as of this writing. The spot is deeper than the main lake in places, offering up lots of features like silk weed and silt pockets.

Finally is the small tench lake, amounting to about three acres. Ideal for beginners, this water is located at the back of the Horcott Lakes complex.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp in the main lake average up to 20 pounds, with the lake record clocking in at an impressive 40. There are 30 carp in the water at over 30 pounds.

The tench lake features a good head of the titular fish at an average of four to five pounds, although a few beauties have been found over the 10-pound spot.

What tactics work well?

Horcott Lakes requires the use of unhooking mats and cradles at all times. Mats should be big. Anyone caught with an undersized mat will be asked to leave.

Fish should be returned as quickly and safely as possible following capture.

Members who see fish in any distress must contact the bailiff.

What facilities are on site?

Horcott Lakes offers an angling coaching program thanks to a partnership with Angling Quests. Users can sign up to brush up on any aspect of their fishing game.

Is parking available?

There is a parking lot at Horcott Lakes. It is located near the main lake.

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