Hordle Lakes


Golden Hill, Ashley Lane, Hordle, New Milton, Hampshire SO41 0GA, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

A family-run fishery on Ashley Lane, Hordle Lakes has been established for 25 years. This is a seven-lake complex, with an attention to detail that serves the needs of the angler very well.

Willow Lake is the oldest of the seven. It’s just over an acre in size and noted for a high catch rate. The water contains a large head of carp and loads of silver fish.

Canal Lake is one of the smallest pools. It has six swims, with all fishing taking place from one side of the water. This is ideal for young anglers and families.

Long Lake has a dozen swims and plenty of margins. There is an island in the middle, with an abundance of carp, crucians, roach, perch, and bream.

Spring Lake is about 13-years-old, with 15 swims spread out over one acre. Plant lifts and grass banks serve as key features.

Bob’s Lake is the home of specimen carp. Running strong for 25 years, it has 13 new swims over two and a half acres. Users of Bob’s Lake must book ahead.

Tench Lake has 10 swims and is somewhat shaped like a tench, so the name is a little on the nose. There is a wide range of fish in these waters, including roach, carp, perch, bream, and, yes, tench.

Finally, Tiddler Lake is the perfect spot for families and young anglers to learn the ropes.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp between five and 20 pounds hang out in Willow Lake, while Canal Lake has carp up to 10 pounds.

Long Lake features carp up to 20 pounds, crucians up to two pounds, and roach and perch up to two pounds.

What facilities are on site?

Hordle Lakes has a new snack wagon, with everything from coffee and tea to burgers and the almighty bacon butty.

There is also a tackle shop, showcasing bait, nets, landing mats, and even a tackle hiring service.

Is parking available?

There is abundant parking at Hordle Lakes.

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