Langdale Lakes


Langdale Lodge, Station Road, Langworth, Lincoln , Lincolnshire LN3 5BB, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Langdale Lakes is a small touring site that provides guests with a quiet setting in which to enjoy the great facilities that they have to offer. It is located near Langworth, which is in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. One of these amenities is fishing in either of their two lakes. On any one of the 40 fishing pegs spread out generously across the two lakes, you will have a wonderful day of fishing at your disposal irrespective of your angling skills.

The first one is Lily Lake that spans only a little more than 1.6 acres and has beautiful tree-lined edges. Depths vary between 3ft and 8ft. At this lake, every peg has a multitude of attractions that anglers can target. Gravel once covered the surface of the body of water, but today’s Common Carp, Scaled Mirror Carp, and other mixed species of coarse fish call this lake home. Carp anglers that take their sport seriously will find this lake to their liking.

The second lake is Willow Lake and it has a surface area of slightly more than 1.4 acres. It is heavily stocked with carp in addition to a variety of coarse fish such as roach, tench, bream, chub, perch, and other types of silver fish. It was also a gravel extraction that had fish added to it more than half a century ago.

The fish and the plethora of other creatures have access to a natural environment thanks to the tree-lined borders and the lily beds. There is a range of depths from 2 feet all the way up to 7 feet, and the bottom is free of weeds for the most part.

What size do the fish go to?

The largest fish caught to date is a specimen of 26lb 11oz.

Scaled Mirror Carp vary in size from 8lbs to 20lbs.

Average carp weight is between 3lb and 15lb.

Bream and Tench can go up to 9lb.

What tactics work well?

General coarse and carp fishing tactics will work well but you must use large Carp-Friendly landing nets for the big fish, Do not use floating bait and use barbless hooks only. Padded unhooking mats and cradles are preferable in both lakes.

What facilities are on site?

On-site toilets

Small kitchen

Sitting areas

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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