Leyland Mill Fishery


Wigan WN1 2SA, UK

Fishery Information

Leyland Mill Fishery is a quaint fishery located on the Wigan St Helens border. It’s set in the countryside, spanning one and a half acres, and offers a peaceful fishing environment with the occasional visit from herons or kingfishers. The fishery provides nets, cradles, and weigh slings, ensuring a hassle-free fishing experience. The fishing areas are well-maintained with clean stone surfaces and wooden jetties, avoiding any mud on your gear. The tree-lined, stream-fed fishery has a silty bed, and though your lead won’t plug too much, there are areas where helicopter style fishing works better.

What size do the fish go to?

The fishery houses around 85 carp, with the lake record standing at an impressive 21lb 8oz.

What tactics work well?

The fishery has varying conditions across its area. While general fishing methods will work well in most areas, there are specific sections where the helicopter style fishing method is more effective. Adjusting your tactics according to the location within the fishery can result in more successful catches.

What facilities are on site?

Leyland Mill Fishery provides nets, cradles, and weigh slings for a comfortable fishing experience. The fishing areas are nicely maintained, featuring clean stone surfaces and wooden jetties. Anglers can also enjoy the convenience of fishing from a summerhouse, eliminating the need to set up and take down a bivvy.

Is parking available?

The provided information does not specify if parking is available at Leyland Mill Fishery. It would be best to contact the fishery directly to inquire about parking facilities.

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