Meadow Lakes


Hewas Water, Saint Austell, Cornwall PL26 7JG, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Set on 56 acres of picturesque Cornish countryside, the Meadow Lakes Holiday Park is close to St. Austell and many of the county’s most popular attractions. It provides guests with access to four coarse fishing lakes surrounded by a rich variety of flora, and fauna. The Lakes are near the bottom of the park, where visitors can unwind in the serene environment and fish from the break of morning until the sunsets.

The four lakes vary in size and stock and are suitable for anglers of all skills; therefore, whether you are staying at the Park or just dropping by for the day, you will have plenty of options. All of the lakes have recently undergone extensive restocking efforts, resulting in a healthy population of a wide assortment of coarse fish species, including Ghost Carp, Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd, and Tench.

Lake 1 is the Willow Lake, and it is an excellent choice for novice anglers. The lake has three islands covered in vegetation, and its primary purpose is to serve as a habitat for wildlife. It is home to numerous small roach, rudd, perch, and bream, and the occasional trout.

Lake 2 (Heron Lake), which has depths of approximately 4 feet, is another excellent choice for novice anglers. In addition to the Roach, Rudd, Perch, and Bream that were already there, the pond was recently stocked with 150 small Carp ranging from 1-3lb.

One of the biggest lakes in the park is Lake 3- Kingfisher Lake, with depths of four feet. The lake has plenty of fish for anglers of all skill levels, from those just starting out to those with more experience.

Lake 4 (Oak Lake), has depths reaching up to 6 feet, and it is the largest and most often fished lake. Recently restocked, it is mostly a specimen lake best fished by anglers with experience.

At Meadow Lakes Holiday Park, residents can fish for no charge at any of the park’s lakes. If you do not intend to stay in the park for the night, you can acquire a daily pass at the registration desk upon arrival for the price of ten pounds per person. A fishing license is required for everyone over the age of 12 years old.

What size do the fish go to?

A good head of double-digit Carp up to 20 pounds can be found in Oak Lake, in addition to Roach and Perch up to 3 pounds, Bream up to 5 pounds, and Tench up to 6 pounds.

Carp up to 13 pounds, Roach up to 3 pounds, Perch up to 4 pounds, Rudd up to 2 pounds, Bream up to 3 pounds, and Tench up to 5 pounds can be found in good numbers at Kingfisher Lake.

What tactics work well?

Always work with barbless hooks. There is a strict ban on boilies, nuts, and any form of cat meat. No fishing is allowed at night, and all eels must be released alive into the lake. Anglers who want to fish in the Oak Lake are allowed a maximum of two rods from any given swim, and they are required to have specimen-sized landing nets and a carp mat, both of which must be used at all times.

What facilities are on site?


Disabled access

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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