Moor Monkton Pools


Church Lane, Moor Monkton, YO26 8LA, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Once known at Carpvale, the Moor Monkton Pools offer plenty of fishing variety for anglers of all skill levels. There are three lakes on location.

Cyprio Lake is the most popular. Word is that Cyprio has been the site of numerous renovations over the years, with a number of features creating a few hotspots in the waters. There are 21 pegs on this lake.

Front Lake features 18 pegs and plenty of features, including two islands and vegetation around the boundary. This gives Front Lake a naturalistic feel, showcasing the lush beauty of the surroundings. This is the smallest lake at Moor Monkton Pools, but improvements have been made over the last years to set it up as one of the finest.

Finally, the Match Pool is established as a go-to spot for match and competition fishing.

All sites at Moor Monkton Pools are run by the Leeds and District Amalgamated Society of Anglers.

Day tickets are available on location.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish in Cyprio Lake clock in at over five pounds. Some tip the scales at over 20 pounds.

What tactics work well?

Fishing at Moor Monkton Pools is often a matter of finding the right location. Many anglers have their favourite pegs.

Pegs 67, 68, 58, 59, and 60 are said to be the best pegs in Front Lake, for example.

What facilities are on site?

Improvements have been made at Front Lake and Cyprio Lake over the last while, but facilities are still on the lean side. This is a quiet, private fishery for the Society and having an extensive array of facilities isn’t necessarily on the menu.

Is parking available?

Parking is available.

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