Riddings Fishery


Watling Street, Grendon, near Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2PE, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Riddings Fishery is a family-run business located in Grendon, close to Atherstone, in the county of Warwickshire. It is made up of four pools kept in immaculate condition across a 15-acre property.

The fishery provides opportunities for both recreational fishing and competitive angling. The pools get their water from an on-site borehole. the water quality is excellent, and the bankside vegetation is meticulously maintained.

Riddings Pool is the primary competition and pleasure water at the fishery. It features 35 adequately spaced pegs, varying depths, and is predominately a carp lake.

Crucian Pool is a one-acre pool with a triangular shape and twenty pegs. The pool is primarily crucian carp. In addition to that, you can catch roach, rudd, tench, bream, golden orfe, and mirror carp here. There are three banks surrounding the attractive body of water, but anglers are only permitted to fish from two of them.

The two and a half acre Folly Pool was dug in 1995 and then left to mature for four years. During the intervening period, the pool has been gradually stocked with a wide variety of fish, including a significant number of commons and mirrors. It has a total of 33 pegs, varying depths with the deepest part being at the narrow end.

Despite the fact that it has only eight pegs, Specimen Pool draws anglers from all over the country, especially those from the North West.

What size do the fish go to?

The average weight of carp caught each day ranges between 10 and 20 pounds.

What tactics work well?

The pole, the waggler, the feeder, and the ledger are all very popular and productive methods of fishing in the Riddings Pool.

To fish in the Crucian Pool, the most common method is to use a float with either a rod or a pole. This is because the Crucian Pool is relatively shallow and has a level bottom.

In Folly Pool, the barbel will take anything and provide lively sport once hooked, and a large number of skimmers weighing up to 1 pound can be caught by fishing over depth on the bottom with maggot. Double red maggot is an especially effective bait too.

Boilies are by far the most popular bait, with Scopex being a particular favorite among anglers who fish the Specimen Pool. Most anglers who fish there use modern techniques for carping.

The flavors strawberry, vanilla, and monster crab are the most common, but conventional baits like sweetcorn, lobworm, pellets, and luncheon meat are also very effective. Using the float is another option for catching quality fish.

What facilities are on site?

Food and beverages can be purchased at the location. Toilet facilities are available.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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