Snitterfield Reservoir


A46, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Snitterfield Reservoir, located in Stratford-upon-Avon in the county of Warwickshire, is likely to be the most productive water for crucian carp fishing in the surrounding area. The presence of these, in addition to excellent stocks of other species, gives the reservoir the potential to be a fantastic location for both recreational anglers and specimen hunters. Only members of Leamington Angling have access to this body of water.

A stock of young crucians and young tench have been added to the ever-increasing fish population as part of the restocking effort that has been going on. In addition to crucians and tench, other species of fish found in these waters include roach, rudd, perch, bream, grass carp, and even gudgeon.

There is a significant amount of variation in the water level. It  decreases when the weather is warm and dry. The platforms are intended to be mobile, but due to their weight, you will need assistance from another person if you wish to relocate the peg you have selected. You should move your platform away from the water before you leave in case there is a sudden downpour.

What size do the fish go to

The weights are not provided but the fish grow to good sizes.

What tactics work well?

During the summer, fish will typically feed in the middle of the water, so it is important to use bait that sinks slowly in addition to maintaining a consistent feeding pattern. The most effective baits are maggots of any color, although red and bronze maggots appear to be the most successful.

Yellow sweetcorn, Scopex meat, hook pellets in a special green color, or dynamite baits are some of the many varieties of baits available. Halibut feed pellets in either 6 or 10 millimeter sizes, as well as a special green groundbait are great.                                                 

What facilities are on site?

Not provided

Is parking available?

Parking is available in the car park at the dam end ONLY, but NOT on the track.

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