Rockbourne Trout Fishery


Rockbourne Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1QG, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located in the New Forest just on the edge of Rockbourne is the Rockbourne Trout Fishery, a lovely spot consisting of six lakes spread over 55 acres.

The action starts at Pine Lake, the deepest lake on the property at depths ranging from six to 20 feet. Fed from numerous springs, Pine Lake has a good hatch of buzzard and damsel. Fishing is best during the summer months.

Oak Lake is one of the more secluded lakes at Rockbourne, with trees surrounding the water and plenty of weed growth. Spring Lake is evidently remarkably similar to Oak Lake.

Bridge Lake is the smallest and shallowest lake at four feet in depth with an eight-foot channel down the middle. This has plenty of tree cover.

Alder Lake has a 15-foot hole at one end and lots of weed growth to temper it.

Fed from the Sweatford Water, the Long Acre Lake is clear with weed growth giving the fish plenty of natural grub. This is a great spot for brown trout in particular.

What size do the fish go to?

The waters at Rockbourne Trout Fishery are stocked well, with good sizes of rainbow trout, arctic char, pinky trout, wild brown trout, brown trout, sandy and golden trout, tiger trout, blue trout, and sparctic trout.

What tactics work well?

Fishing different lakes will require different tactics.

Use buzzer and nymph on Pine Lake, for example, and don’t be afraid to do a little stalking to find the best outlook.

Stalking also works at Oak Lake, where the fish can be found in the weed bed channels. Olive damsel nymphs work well in the summer to autumn months.

A floating line is best at Alder Lake, but sinking lines are a necessity in the winter months.

What facilities are on site?

Smoked trout is available on the premises. Anglers can swap out their caught fish for a packet of smoked fish. A small fee is involved.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking at the Rockbourne Trout Fishery.

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