Salford Trout Lakes


Salford, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5YY, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located in the countryside near the Cotswold market town of Chipping Norton, the Salford Trout Lakes is a small, privately owned Trout Fishery. It features two spring-fed lakes on eight acres of water amidst the stunning rural landscape of the North Cotswolds.

The lakes have been in the same family for over 44 years, and each of them is home to a plethora of naturally occurring fly life and a stunning mayfly hatch from the end of May through the beginning of June.

The surrounding undeveloped countryside provides a haven for a wide variety of plant, fly, and insect life, making for hard fishing for Brown, Rainbow, Blue, and even a few Tiger Trout. The fishery provides the perfect setting to start fly fishing or refine your skills if you already have some experience in the sport.

What size do the fish go to?

Information no available.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing

What facilities are on site?

Bed and breakfast


Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available

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