Marlborough Pool


Cassington, Witney, OX29 4, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Marlborough Pool is located in Cassington. It is a beautiful 11-acre lake known mostly for its excellent carp angling. However, anyone who doesn’t target carp will still really enjoy this water as there are plenty of species to be targeted here.

Whether you want to target fish in the margins or head out into open water and find a gravel bar to rest a few baits on, all is possible here, and all methods can produce some excellent fish. Sadly, the lake lost its biggest resident (last caught at 37lbs) due to predation. But thanks to the anti-predation fence now installed, the fish are safe and hungrier than ever.

What size do the fish go to?

For the carp anglers, there are over 150 carp in this lake that go to just under 30lbs. The lake record of 37lbs could be broken very soon with this fresh stock of hungry carp.

Other species in this lake can grow to equally impressive sizes. There are some monster Crucian carp in this lake, as well some awesome tench, bream and even some big pike too.

What tactics work well?

This lake is primarily fished by carp anglers, so try to stand out if you’re going to fish for carp. Use liquids to flavour your baits (sweet smells are a popular choice), and don’t forget about the margins! A large lump of maggots on the hair could also land you in a fight with a tench, which is always good fun!

What facilities are on site?

Recently upgraded swims for more comfort and casting clearance.

Is parking available?

This lake has a gated car park that requires a permit for entry.

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