Lodge Farm Fishing


East Street, Fritwell, Oxon, Oxfordshire OX27 7QF, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Lodge Farm Fisheries in Fritwell (near Bicester) has two lakes that offer fantastic fishing, depending on the type of angling you enjoy. The first lake is the specimen lake. Here you will find a good head of carp and three islands to fish to. The second lake is the match lake, which still has a good head of carp but also plenty of other species to fish for. This includes roach, perch, a few bream and a tench or two.

What size do the fish go to?

The specimen lake has carp up to 25lb. There’s a large number of carp up to double figures in this lake too. The match lake also has a few residents that reach double figures, but most of the carp in this lake are under 10lbs at the moment. The match lake is also home to perch over 4lbs and roach to over 2lbs. So, no matter which species you want to target, you could grab a PB here.

What tactics work well?

The specimen lake at Lodge Farm is fished heavily by carp anglers, all using similar tactics. To stand out from the angling crowd, use a smelly bait and add even more stench to it with Goos and flavourings.

The match lake is perfect for pole fishing or float fishing. Pretty much any tactic will work on this lake but keep low to the lake bed for the big ones.

What facilities are on site?

This lake has access for disabled anglers.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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