Stanborough Lakes Fishing


Stanborough Lakes, Stanborough Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6DQ

Stanborough Lakes Fishing Overview

Stanborough Park, often referred to as Stanborough Lakes, is a popular 126-acre park located in Welwyn Garden City. This well-established fishery sits on the outskirts of town, but still remains within walking distance of Welwyn Garden City Town Centre. Controlled by the Welwyn Garden City Angling Club, the park hosts two lakes, both of which were constructed in 1970.

Fishing at Stanborough Lakes

North Lake, one of the two lakes in the park, serves as a stock lake and no Stanborough Lakes fishing is allowed here. The South Lake, however, is a buzzing 16-acre hotspot where year-round fishing is a mainstay. Stocked with a diverse range of species including carp, crucians, chub, roach, tench, bream, pike, and zander, the South Lake caters to the needs of every angler. The carp in this lake can reach an impressive size, with the largest recorded catch weighing up to 35 pounds.

Getting Started at Stanborough Lakes

Stanborough Lakes fishing is beginner-friendly, with most novices likely to catch between one to three fish per day. Day tickets are available for purchase, and night fishing is also permitted after pre-booking with the bailiff. In terms of tactics, fishmeal boilies are a popular choice of bait. However, do note that Stanborough Lakes is located in a public park space, so expect to see boat clubs, dog walkers, runners, and pedestrians during your fishing adventure.

Facilities and Parking at Stanborough Lakes

Anglers at Stanborough Lakes enjoy access to a bait and tackle shop, toilets, and a café on location. Parking at Stanborough Lakes is available, and anglers can avail of subsidized parking at £1.50 for a 24-hour period once the car has been registered through the head bailiff.

Recent Additions and Improvements at Stanborough Lake

Stanborough Lake has seen several improvements over the years. The most recent additions in 2023 include the introduction of new platforms on the lake and river, and the relocation of 31 carp weighing a total of 432 pounds from the stock lake to the South Lake.

More about Stanborough Lakes

Stanborough Lakes sits close to the A1(M) motorway and is a bustling park filled with activity. While peace and quiet might be a rarity, the pleasure of Stanborough Lakes fishing is undeniable. Due to the presence of boats, the carp are known to congregate near the jetties, so don’t forget to visit this spot!

For any further details, you can get in touch with the Stanborough Lakes fishing team by ringing 07789 658056.

Stanborough Lakes Fishing Tactics

When planning your Stanborough Lake fishing expedition, remember that bottom baits work better than pop-ups due to the relatively silty lake bottom. Creamy, nutty, or sweet boilie baits work well. Some of the best swims include the areas nearest to the boat yard and café, where the carp spend a lot of their time.

Fishing Rules at Stanborough Lakes

Stanborough Park Lake has a set of rules that ensure the welfare of the fish and the environment. No boats of any kind are allowed, and certain sections like the boating area are out of bounds. While there are no specific bait rules, anglers must use safe rigs and spods or spombs are not permitted. Don’t forget your rod license, and always dip your net prior to fishing to prevent the spread of diseases.

Stanborough Lakes is not just a fishing spot, it’s a fishing experience. Welwyn Garden City Angling Club invites you to come and make your own fishing story at Stanborough Lakes. Remember to register your car for parking at Stanborough Lakes, and have a great time fishing!

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