Smallford Pit


Smallford Ln, St Albans AL4 0HB, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

A site operated by the Verulam Angling Club, Smallford is a mature gravel pit between St Albans and Hatfield. This spot is accessible via the A1 and M1, sitting just by the side of the footpath on Alban Way.

The Verulam Angling Club acquired Smallford in the late 1950s, but the road hasn’t always been easy. Smallford was nearly destroyed in the mid-1970s after a dump of commercial waste created smaller pits and raised the water levels by as much as three feet.

The Club has since spent considerable effort refurbishing Smallford over the years, redefining the banks and supporting the stock.

There are a number of features, including margins near the car parks and depths of 29 feet near Deep Bay. Gullies, gravel bars, plateaus, and silt sites make this an exciting place to do a spot of fishing. There’s also a central island.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp over 30 pounds are found in Smallford, along with bream up to 10 pounds, pike up to 15 pounds, perch up to three pounds, tench up to and over 10 pounds, roach up to two pounds, and rudd up to a pound.

What tactics work well?

Navigating the features is key at Smallford, as the right approach can turn up quality results. Check out the water beforehand and see where the fish are spending their time. This will help, as different conditions will produce different behaviour underwater.

The reed beds can be hotspots for fish, too.

Is parking available?

There is secure parking on location.

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