Swillington Park Fishery


Garden Cottage, Coach Road, Swillington, Leeds LS26 8QA, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Swillington Park Fishery is near Leeds in peaceful farmland. There are five well-stocked lakes at Swillington where you can enjoy day and night fishing. Swillington is a day ticket venue, but there are season tickets available for locals that are a fantastic price and opens the fishery up to you all year round.

Chestnut is the most popular lake on-site, as this is where the largest fish hang out. However, Willow, Oak and Alder all have excellent fishing too. Oak is a brilliant lake for anyone targeting tench, and all of the lakes are perfect for match style fishing or pleasure fishing.

What size do the fish go to?

The largest carp are in Chestnut, and they go up to about 24lbs. Willow has 16lb carp and some nice perch. Oak has tench to about 10lbs and some beautiful barbel, perch, ide and orf.

All of the lakes at Swillington Park Fishery are designed for match fishing, and weights of 50lb plus are very easily achieve on most of the lakes during a session.

What tactics work well?

Fishing to features on the lakes is ideal. All of the lakes have some form of feature to target, whether its lily pads or overhangs on margins. Pellets and corn will be the best baits to catch the carp, but maggots are an excellent bait here too. Fishing on the bottom will get the session started, but don’t be afraid to fish shallow later on.

What facilities are on site?

There are hot drinks and snacks on site. There are also disabled access pegs on all of the lakes. Toilets are available too.

Is parking available?

There’s loads of parking at Swillington Park Fishery, most of which is located comfortably next to the lake you’ll be fishing.

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