Eric’s Willows Lake


Boat Ln, Methley, Leeds WF10 2BX, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Initially established as a 25-acre syndicate spot before its transition to a day ticket fishery in May of 2013, Eric’s Willows now boasts the best stock of carp in the North.

That’s a bold claim.

Settled in the Mexborough Estates, Eric’s Willows is stocked with over 450 fish from several prominent suppliers. Stock quality is of the utmost importance, with initial drops in 2005 kicking in an array of C3s. There have been major weight increases since then, as the benefits of living in this natural environment wear well on aquatic life.

There are 20 swims at Eric’s Willows. Most of these feature as much as an acre of water. Each.

Only 16 anglers are permitted on the property at one time, which keeps it intimate and spacious. Four swims will always be unoccupied, giving members the option to move locations during their respective stays.

It’s this attention to detail – and attention to people – that makes Eric’s Willows special.

This is a members only area and, as of this writing, new people are not being processed due to sheer volume. There is a long, long waiting list.

What size do the fish go to?

The lake record is a mammoth 59 pounds, eight ounces. This is a new Yorkshire record.

A further three different fish are said to tip the 50-pound scales, while 20 different specimens are weighing in at up to 49 pounds.

What tactics work well?

The weeds at Eric’s Willows are sometimes a problem, but they are useful for maintaining natural balance. A dozen rowboats are available for occasions when the weeds get too cumbersome. These can only be used to aid land fishing.

What facilities are on site?

Eric’s Willows is very private. Legend has it they don’t give out the exact address to non-members to stop people from peeping looking around the lake without consent. Now that’s commitment.

Is parking available?

There is a car park.

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