Taunton & Bridgwater Canal


Fishery Information

This stretch of canal is controlled by Taunton Angling Association. You must be a member of the association to fish it. However, many members don’t, and it is such a shame. This stretch of canal holds some beautiful fish to really nice sizes, and they are very healthy and love to fight.

The TAA owns the right to fish from Firepool Lock to where the canal enters the River Tone. This is an excellent spot as you can target the fish as they enter the canal from the river. The fish species are nice and varied too. Roach, rudd, bream, perch, pike, carp, eels and tench all hang out in the canal.

What size do the fish go to?

The fish sizes in a canal are hard to say. However, local anglers have caught bream to 5lbs, roach to 2lbs and perch to 4lb. We aren’t too sure how big the carp are in this canal, but they are wild carp, so even a 10lber will fight like a 30lber!

What tactics work well?

Float and feeder fishing is very successful on this venue. Throw in some free offerings around your hook bait too. Corn, worm and caster are popular baits. Once you get a bite, though, get your hook back in the water as quickly as you can. When one fish turns up, it usually means a lot more are just waiting to taste your bait!

What facilities are on site?

There are no actual facilities, but the canal runs through some towns where toilets and cafes are available.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available close to most parts of the canal.

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