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Broxbourne, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Lea Pit is a secluded spot in the Turnford Angling Consortium’s Lea Lake complex. Thanks to extensive refurbishment and a focus on stocking, the Lea Pit has benefited greatly from the Consortium’s involvement.

Lea Pit is a six-acre lake with 14 swims, all of which are built to take bivvies.

This is a great specimen water, with a good stock of carp. In February 2008, a significant amount of mirror carp was added. There is a lot of bream and tench in these waters too, including specimens that like to show up at night.

This isn’t the busiest spot at the Lea Lake complex and that’s largely due to anglers simply not knowing the jewels within, but this members-only site really does produce some magnificent fish.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp in Lea Pit venture over the 40-pound range.

Bream exceeding 10 pounds each are not uncommon.

Pike in excess of 30 pounds have been known to roll by in the winter months.

What tactics work well?

Groundbait is great for catching the bream, as they are definitely on the hungry side in Lea Pit. The shoals take on the whole lake as their personal highway, so any swim can put up nice numbers.

Overnighters dig the bream and tench in particular, as these guys love to come out when the sun goes down.

The road and canal banks turn up the best roach, rudd, and perch.

Is parking available?

There is a locked car park for members.

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