Willow Lakes Fishery


Willow Lodge, Newark Hill, Foston, Grantham NG32 2LF, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located near Foston in Lincolnshire, the massive Willow Lakes Fishery comprises seven lakes across 15 acres.

Three lakes are designed for pleasure anglers, three for club or match fishing, and one for private use by holiday anglers hiring accommodation.

The pleasure lakes operate on a day ticket basis. They are Poplar Lake, Willow Lake, and the “bite-a-chuck” Sycamore Lake.

The match lakes are Ash Lake, Hawthorn Lake, and Chestnut Lake.

The sheer variety of lakes gives anglers plenty of opportunity for adventure. Poplar Lake, for example, is embraced by willow trees and filled with silver fish.

The main fishing lake in the complex – and the most popular – is Willow Lake. This features four islands and a total of 21 pegs, with an average depth of four feet.

Sycamore Lake opts on the smaller side, making it a great spot for families and those learning to fish.

For match play, Willow Lakes Fishery has endeavoured to stock things in a comparable matter for ease of competition across 80 pegs. Carp is the main catch of the day in Ash, Hawthorn, and Chestnut.

There is no night fishing at Willow Lakes Fishery.

What size do the fish go to?

In terms of match fishing, common and mirror carp range up to 16 pounds. Ghosties come in anywhere from one to a dozen pounds, while most of the fish chart in at three to eight pounds.

Anglers in Willow Lake have reported findings of 50 to 100 pounds, with the top recorded weight thus far a 186-pounder taken from the fourth peg. Sycamore Lake may look friendly for its younger crowd, but rest assured there are a few whoppers below the surface as well – just for fun.

What tactics work well?

The biggest and baddest fish in Willow Lake was brought in on pole, with a double caster. That should give you a pretty good indication as to what works at Willow Lakes Fishery.

No groundbait is permitted on the premises and the facility permits boilies only on the hook. Loose feeding is not allowed. As with most spots, use barbless hooks only.

What facilities are on site?

Willow Lakes Fishery features a host of amenities, including accommodations for those so inclined. Caravans can also be rented from March 1 to the end of October. These provide access to the private Alder Lake on weekdays.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking on the property.

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