Barham Lakes


The Barham Lakes, Pesthouse Lane, Barham IP6 0PF, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Designed by anglers for anglers, the spacious Barham Lakes is a complex featuring four lakes and a thousand metres of private river.

Once known as Barham Pits but rebranded as Barham Lakes by new ownership in 2018, this spot is tucked into the heart of Suffolk. The new folks in charge at Barham have invested heavily into bank maintenance and predation defence, plus stocks have already been improved.

Brook Pool is one of the three specimen lakes on the property. It features pike and carp across six and a half acres. Depth runs from two to 16 feet, so be mindful of changes.

Leia Lagoon is 12.5 acres of reed-lined paradise, complete with a dozen islands and a pile of gravel bars. This, like Brook Pool, is a specimen lake.

The last of the specimen lakes is Blake Quarry, a 10-acre pit with four secluded bays. Depth ranges from two to 13 feet, with deep margins and five islands.

Bailey’s Creek is designed for the pleasure and match angler. This runs two and a half acres and runs five to 11 feet deep.

Ryley River Gipping provides a thousand metres of private fishing. New fencing has been added for extra seclusion.

What size do the fish go to?

Roach and rudd over three pounds have been fished out of Bailey’s Creek. The spot has also turned up tench in the double-digits.

Specimen fish in excess of 45-pound carp have turned up at Barham Lakes, with 150 VS Fisheries specimen hand-picked carp added to the stock in 2018-2019.

What tactics work well?

Many tactics will turn up a great haul at Barham Lakes, but anglers must apply online to join the syndicate. For more information, check the official website.

Is parking available?

Various parking areas were created in late 2018, with full vehicle access constructed around the Barham Lakes complex.

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