Broome Pits


Beccles, Bungay NR35 2PE, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Broome Pits is a very exciting fishing venue with 4 lakes to choose from. Each lake was a former gravel pit, so having experience fishing at depth is a plus here. If you have the experience, there are some huge fish to catch at this venue.

There are 25 acres of water here with plenty of species on offer, including carp, tench, bream, roach, perch and rudd. Day tickets are available for Broome Pits, and they also allow night fishing too. The ticket prices for this fishing venue are extremely reasonable.

What size do the fish go to?

There are carp at this venue up to 40lbs. The largest carp are in the D pit, but this is the most challenging water. There are also pike to 25lbs and beautiful roach to 3lbs.

A pit is best known for its quality tench and bream to good weights.

B pit has carp to 30lbs, pike to 20lb and also large tench and bream.

C pit is a lovely mixed lake, perfect for match anglers with carp to 10lb plus, and good weights of bream, tench, roach and rudd.

What tactics work well?

As all of the lakes are old gravel pits, finding a clear, flat patch of gravel is the ideal option. If you can group your rods on a gravel bar and bait it nicely, the fish will come and explore. There are no baiting restrictions on this lake, so spoding a good amount of pellet, hemp and corn, for example, is the ideal option. Zig rigs in the summer can give you a great edge.

What facilities are on site?

There are toilets on-site open from March to October.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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