Edney’s Fisheries


Edney’s Farm, Mells, Near Frome, Somerset BA11 3RF, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Edney’s Fisheries is located in the beautiful, rural countryside of Somerset, but it is only 20 miles from Bristol. The site has three, well-stocked lakes all promising brilliant day’s fishing.

Lake one and three are right next to each other and offer some busy fishing for all types of anglers. Lake three is popular with match-style anglers and those wanting a fight on a pole. Lake one holds the sites biggest carp, so this is where the carp anglers hang out. Lake two is 200 yards away and is a haunt for carp anglers and match anglers alike because of the wide variety of fish it holds.

What size do the fish go to?

Lake three has carp up to 10lbs, including ghost carp. There’s plenty of roach, rudd and perch reaching a few pounds too.

Lake one has carp up to 30lbs, with a good head of double-figure carp. There are also tench to 9lbs in lake one and plenty of silverfish as well.

Lake two has mirror, common and ghost carp up to 20lbs. There are also some stunning Golden and Blue Orfs in this lake that are always worth targeting for their beauty.

What tactics work well?

Pellets, corn and maggots are the choices of many match-style anglers at this venue as they offer a brilliant chance of catching the bigger tench, carp and silverfish too. The larger carp in lake one and two respond well to singles. However, a PVA bag close to the reeds is a good choice too.

What facilities are on site?

There aren’t many facilities at Edney’s Fisheries.

Is parking available?

Parking is available, yes.

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