Lake of Menteith Fisheries


Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire FK8 3RA, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Lake of Menteith, which is also the only natural lake in Scotland, is widely regarded as one of the nation’s finest trout fishing spots.  The lake stocked annually with 30,000 fish, all of which weigh more than 1 pound, draws anglers from all across Scotland and even farther.  It is the major venue for the Scottish National Trout Fly Fishing Championships and spans an expansive 700 acres.

The employees breed and raise rainbow trout and brown trout of the finest quality, before stocking and distributing them evenly by boat weekly in an effort to create a healthy population. It is one of the most sheltered trout fishing destinations in Scotland because of its low-lying location, and indented shape, but with a large enough surface area for a ripple.

The lake is surrounded by three islands, each of which has its own inlet. The fishery  features a fleet of 34 boats for hire, all of which are in good condition and outfitted with reliable outboard engines, oars, landing nets, and drogues. More boats are available for major events upon request.The most popular species caught here are Rainbow trout, Northern pike, and Brown trout,

What size do the fish go to?

Over 1lb

What tactics work well?

The Lake is well-known for its excellent dry fly and buzzer fishing, as well as for the quality of its resident and stocked trout populations. Due to the loch’s generally modest depth, anglers targeting trout typically employ surface fishing techniques.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities consist of a big fishery cabin with a permit and tackle shop, lifejackets, washrooms/toilets, a gutting sink, meeting area, weigh-in hall, offices, and workshop. The shop sells a variety of snacks, beverages, and miscellaneous items, including tea and coffee.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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